Miracle in Viversel


In the last days of July 1317, a Host began to bleed after being touched by unconsecrated hands, in a farm in Viversel (Lummen). That was the starting point for miracles in Viversel and Herkenrode Abbey. This Sacrament of Miracle has been kept in Hasselt's St. Quintinus Cathedral since 1804, after the French Revolution. Every year on July 25, the Sacrament of the Miracle is exposed and commemorated with adoration.

On July 24, 2022, the 705th anniversary of this miracle will be commemorated with a solemn High Mass in St. Quintinus Cathedral. In the afternoon there will be a symposium 'SACRA705 – Beauty, source of evangelisation', and the day will conclude with the start of 24 hours of adoration in the Virga Jesse Basilica.

In gratitude for the Eucharistic Miracle, a continuous adoration for different intentions is organized on July 24 from 7 pm to Monday July 25 [general theme : Lord, give workers for the harvest].

The adoration continues in the Virga Jesse Basilica, which today houses the Baroque altar of Jean Delcour (the ‘Bernini of Liège’) of the former Herkenrode Abbey.

The celebration of 705 years of the Sacrament of Miracles is organized by the Hasselt Sacrament Brotherhood.


Our gratitude goes out to:

Parochie St Quintinus / Virga Jesse